Perfect Interior Design Solutions for Leading Developers

Today, choosing real estate in the business, premium and luxury segments, customers are increasingly guided by the palette of basic solutions offered by developers. Successful cooperation with leading developers in Moscow and St. Petersburg proves that the spectacular interiors created by our professional team help to fully realize the potential of luxury real estate – they become an important competitive advantage and guarantee of rapid sales.

Polina Pidtsan Architectural Bureau’s success and reputation are also important factors that can influence the prestige and price of real estate. The status of our company is confirmed by Russian and foreign awards, including the International Property Awards. Our interiors are published in the best magazines of Russia, and the head of the bureau, architect Polina Pidtsan, is an influential style icon among clients who buy elite real estate.

Project realized with various development companies

Apartment with a patio in the Skolkovo Park Club House, Moscow

Skolkovo Park is a club quarter in the West of Moscow, where our bureau designed around 30 apartments, all commissioned by the developer. This 180 m2 apartment is located in the same complex, but is designed for private clients, a young family with two children.

The apartment is located on the ground floor and has two patios that can be used in the warm season. The layout is thought out in such a way that the public areas of the apartment have access to the patio - a living room with a kitchen-dining room, while the children’s rooms and the master bedroom are more isolated.

Stylistically, the apartment looks light and modern - the features of the American style and Art Deco are diluted with more austere objects. The main emphasis is on textures and surfaces. The fireplace in the living room is especially interesting - the warm color of the marble from which the portal is made influenced the whole ambience of the project.

The kitchen solution is also interesting - it is concise and strict, without upper cupboards and with a hidden hood. This way the common area of ​​the apartment looks and feels much lighter.

This project was completed in record time: thanks to the trust of our clients and the coordinated work of our team the whole process took just six months.

Apartments in the Skolkovo Park Club House, Moscow

This 140 m2 apartment on the top floor of a residential complex was commissioned by the developer. Our task was to furnish and decorate the space in which the main finishing works were completed and a kitchen, built-in furniture and sanitary equipment were installed. Our bureau needed to complete a harmonious interior without serious construction work and in a short time.

First of all, we slightly upgraded the walls - added moldings and changed the color. The apartment was mainly furnished with items from French brands. A number of objects - for example, a bookcase in the living room, are made in Russia according to the sketches of the designer.

The interior is accented with works of art by Russian artists, as well as wall panels by Curtis Jere.

Residences for rent in the Skolkovo Park Club House, Moscow

The design of several apartments intended for rental was commissioned by the developer of the club house Skolkovo Park. There are two types of residences, with one or two bedrooms measuring 80 m2 and 130 m2 respectively. All are decorated in contemporary classic style. The walls are finished with moldings. Textiles and fabrics of calm, noble colors are used in the projects. Furniture and accessories are neat and neutral, but rich textures give them character. Wood and brass are used throughout the apartments. Color accents are provided by art objects and sometimes, as is the case with dining areas, by upholstery.

Competent Project Management

Our bureau has experience in working with large development companies and perfectly understands the needs of developers – we know how important it is to comply with deadlines and strictly follow the TEC. Our experts will issue the most detailed documentation for your project, we will appoint personal project manager, architect and engineer for the project. At the same time, thanks to the size of our company, we remain flexible and easily adapt the interiors to the needs of the owners, whose satisfaction with the acquired property affects the image of every particular residential complex and developer and improves the sales of new properties.

Quality at the best price

Our bureau uses high-quality materials and iconic international brands, but a large number of furnishings can be made to order according to our drawings, which allows you to make your object unique, ensuring maximum comfort and optimized budgets. We perfectly understand the needs of development companies and can, without sacrificing the aesthetic value of the interiors and the quality of life they ensure, you ideal design solutions in various price ranges.